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Welcome to Dubland Digital Services

CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray Disc Replication and Duplication:
Replication and Duplication:
Duplication is a process in which the customer program (audio, video, or data) is copied onto pre-made blank discs. These duplicated discs are typically printed using an inkjet or thermal process where pigments are applied directly to the disc surface without using any adhesive labels that can cause disc read problems. Inkjet printing typically offers more accurate CMYK coloring and has more of a matte finish. Thermal printing has a more glossy finish (more suitable for photographic images) and is water resistant.

Replication is a disc manufacturing process used for larger orders (typically 400 or more discs) and uses a screen printing method that provides accurate colors with a glossy finish that is water resistant. The discs are created from raw materials in a fairly complicated manufacturing process, and the cost of this calls for a minimum order size.

In either case the customer program can be a master copy on disc, a digital file, or it can be transferred from some other medium such as tape or film. Audio and video content can be edited and tracks or menus can be authored in our editing studios.

Finishing and Packaging Options (optional):
Cases and Sleeves: Jewel Cases, Slim Jewel Cases, Single DVD (Amaray style), Single Blu-Ray, Multi-Disc Cases, Basic Sleeves, and Custom Orders.
Graphic Inserts: We accept customer-made graphics that we can print with professional quality, we can use customer supplied inserts, or we can help customers with their design and printing.
Shrink Wrapping: Available for most orders.
Custom Disc Printing: Design your own disc! Send us an email and we'll send you a template. If you don't have access to Adobe Photoshop you can download the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP). When finished, email us your saved project file or convert it to tif and we will print it! 




While there are many different options to choose from in terms of the disc type itself (Blu-Ray, DVD5, DVD9, CD) and the finishing options (case, insert, shrink wrapping, etc.), we have put together some basic pricing here on a few of the more commonly ordered products. Please call or email us for more customized prices.
"Retail" CD/DVD: A complete package that includes a full color printed disc, Amaray style case for DVD or jewel case or envelope for CD, a high quality color graphic insert (J-card or envelope print for CD), and shrink wrapping or clear adhesive tab.
CD/DVD "Simple Copy": Includes a printed disc in a slim jewel case.
CD/DVD on Spindle: The most basic product that includes just the printed discs packaged in one or more spindles.

Please call or email us for the latest pricing on Blu-Ray or for any desired combinations or quantities not shown here.
*Prices shown are per unit and do not include shipping and handling or sales tax and may vary depending on actual product chosen by the customer.

Turnaround Time:
Orders are usually completed in 1-5 business days for 1-200 units, 4-7 business days for 200-400 units, and 7-12 business days for 400+ units. We can expedite any order upon request (an additional processing fee may apply in some cases).

Complete Order Fulfillment to Customers:
We can process and ship directly to your customers. Please call or email us for details.